LeadStudios worked on the Eamena project helping integrate content and events from multiple different websites under many URLs (both inside and outside the universities domain) into one place under a single URL, design & menu structure to make it much easier for people interested in the project to find all the information they need. Their website design and setup service included integrating an events system to make it much easier to add events for the public, slider images, galleries, videos, risk assesments & dangers and a much friendlier page builder to make it much easier for all the staff to add information to the site when and as they please.

The hope is that by making the website much easier to update, there will be no delay in posting to the site meaning the information will be posted a lot faster and be seen by many more people, reaching the aim of the project which is to help protect historical sites and make information available to many researchers. The next step of the project will be to integrate a map.

You can see the before and after of the website design/setup process here: