Azadeh Vafadari

Training Manager


My research is on adapting a geospatial information system as a tool for on-the-ground recording and monitoring of sites and monuments in post-disaster and post-conflict contexts

My research is on adapting geospatial information systems as tools for on-the-ground recording and monitoring of sites and monuments in post-disaster and post-conflict contexts. The initial target for application of this work is Syria. The aim is to integrate within the system a methodology to identify and record damage and threats, to assess magnitude and to measure the significance and value of the cultural heritage places. This would create a tool that helps to identify and prioritise the most needed emergency responses and intervention activities to better protect sites for the ones most in need. I am currently a PhD candidate at Durham University, Institute of Archaeology and a member of ICOMOS.

Prior to this research, I have worked at UNESCO and the Getty Conservation Institute on different heritage conservation and management projects in the Middle East. More recently I consulted for UNESCO on developing strategies and assessing the condition of monuments in Bagan, Myanmar and on post disaster response in Nepal. A key component of my experience and personal interest is working closely with local heritage authorities in supporting them to safeguard sites and monuments through building capacity and implementing sustainable methods of inventory, documenting, monitoring and conservation practices.


Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management, Inventory and Monitoring of Sites and Monuments, Damage Identification Procedures and Condition Assessment, Cultural Heritage Risk Assessment and Management, Post-Disaster Rehabilitation Measures


Contact information:

Department of Archaeology, Durham University, Dawson Building, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE

Email: Azadeh.vafadari@durham.ac.uk

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