Designing the methodology and recording system – Much of the team’s work in 2015 was in creating a searchable, online database for recording sites. This meant designing taxonomies for categorising sites to a uniform standard (including information regarding type, period, condition, level of threat, etc.), and creating, testing and formalising a working methodology for conducting this work. Alongside this work the team’s GIS experts also developed the code necessary to build the database.

This dataset will be shared and made accessible to the wider heritage community in a format which can be easily updated as new knowledge is accumulated. This record will enable authorities to prioritise their development plans to place resources where they are needed most for preserving their cultural heritage. This will only succeed through the coordinated efforts of national and international heritage professionals.

We use state-of-the-art Arches 3 heritage management software to record all archaeological sites. The software is designed to the highest international standards for recording heritage sites and can be customised to meet the needs of any heritage project. It is open sourced and web-based.

Watch this space for further updates…