Erosion is a natural process that forms part of the lifecycle of sites, resulting from the action of wind or water. It can refer to the gradual wearing away of a site or of the ground itself, revealing previously buried parts of a site, or the burial of a site by eroded earth. In some…

Survey Gazetteer Digitisation

One of the principal aims of EAMENA is the survey of archaeological sites for threat or disturbance through the use of satellite imagery and aerial photographs. The compilation of what archaeology or heritage is there to begin with, before we can access how it has been impacted over time, is a many-faceted process. One of my tasks at the moment is scanning for potential sites in Yemen using satellite imagery available through Google Earth. This process is complemented by knowledge of previous archaeological surveys in the region.

Sites at risk in the deserts of Egypt

Welcome to the first blog of the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa project. To begin with we thought we would offer a quick summary of the way in which the project will be collecting the bulk of its data through the analysis of satellite imagery. In this, the first year of the project, we will be focusing on countries such as Saudia Arabia and Egypt.